#2 Katie Pavlich

Job: News Editor at Townhall.com

Age: Unknown

For those of you unfamiliar with Townhall.com, it is a conservative news website. I’m pretty sure that its relevance falls somewhere between Glenn Beck and your crazy uncle that forwards you emails speculating about why President Obama hasn’t released his middle school grades yet.

There isn’t a lot of information on Ms. Pavlich available because she’s not super-famous. I don’t know how old she is or if she is married. Her Facebook page says, “I really dislike Leftists, and they really dislike me.” So, you know, it seems like she’s really open to meeting new people and exploring new ideas.

Anyway, look at her!

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#1 Michelle Malkin

Job: Commentator, Blogger

Age: 41

Status: Married

Liberals like me absolutely despise Michelle Malkin. Why? Is it because she once suggested that John Kerry shot himself so that he could win a medal? Is it because she insisted that the Affordable Care Act mandated “death panels”? I don’t thinks so. I assume that it is actually because we are jealous that she’s not on our side, because this Filipina is still looking so fine! Even after turning 40!

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